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Launceston PCYC - Programs



The Launceston PCYC has a huge range of Gymnastics Programs and Classes available for a variety of ages and skill level from our popular Kinder Gym through to non-competitive gymnastics for any age.


Kinder Gym (1 to 4 year olds)


Kindergym is a movement program for children under 5 years of age and their caregiver, designed to develop the whole child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, in a safe, structured multi sensory environment.


Children may creatively explore and practise skills safely, whilst developing self confidence, self esteem and co-ordination. Children’s development is primarily gained through play and self exploration.


Kindergym is supervised by an accredited coach and no bookings are necessary.


Nippers (3 & 4 year olds requiring more structure)


A new stepping stone from Kindergym, offering full structure whilst maintaining 100% parental/care-giver involvement.


Tyrogym (4/5 year olds attending Kindergarten)


Tyrogym is the next step from Kindergym, or the first step towards more structured physical activity.


This is a gymsports based program allowing children who have commenced kindergarten, the opportunity to try out gymnastics and trampoline in a fully supervised and structured lesson type environment.


The basics of gymsports is taught including spatial awareness and co-ordination, with these skills beneficial and transferable to any other sporting endeavour the child may wish to explore.


Parents are invited to watch the program and offer support and encouragement to participants. The maximum coach/participant ratio is 1:12.


Levels Gymnastics Programs (Boys & Girls)


For the children who wish to further develop their skills and move into the competitive side of gymnastics.


Individual class groups for boys and girls allow children to develop areas specific to their own apparatus.


Lower level classes emphasise flexibility, strength, technique and self discipline allowing athletes to develop at their own pace.


As children progress through the levels, the number of hours and commitment increases, to allow optimal skill development as well as maintaining strength and flexibility.  Entry in competitions is encouraged as this allows club coaches and judges the opportunity to assess a child’s ability to progress to the next level.


NB: Club uniforms are compulsory for all competitions.


Non-Competitive Gymnastics.


Fully supervised sessions, for anyone young or old who wishes to experience the skills, strength and fun of gymnastics, without the pressure of structured lessons used by competing gymnasts. Very popular with athletes or people involved in other sports as a change to normal training regimes. These sessions are fun and self paced.


For further information on class days, times and costs,

please phone the Launceston PCYC on 6344 2411.




Weights Gym


We also have a great Weights Gymnasium open for generous hours

during the day - 6 days / week.


The Launceston PCYC gym offers its members (or casual users) a fantastic place to get fit, strong and healthy. It offers a great place to exercise in comfort, while making new friends. The gym has a rich history, that has seen many Australian champions train and compete here, while still offering something for everyone. PCYC is happy to introduce Sam Wood to its staff. As our weights gym instructor he is here to help you with all your gym needs and is available Monday to Friday from 6pm till 9pm. Out of session times are also available by appointment.


We can offer the following features for the gym:


Two FREE one-on-one sessions for new and existing members,


Sports specific coaching


Personalised Programs


Your own personal trainer


Specialising in general fitness, weight loss and strength training,


These features can be booked at PCYC reception, or by calling 6344 2411. Booking are essential.


Launceston PCYC would also like to extend a special offer to anyone seeking GROUP SESSIONS.


Sam can supervise group bookings, catering to groups from all situations. Everyone from sports teams to community groups are welcome. With dedicated sessions for older people already under way on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.30am onwards, special group concessions are on offer,

to cater to every budget.


The PCYC weights gym is also the home of Powerlifting in the north of the state, with members regularly training most nights of the week, and competitions held at numerous times during the year on Saturdays.


The weights gym is primarily based around free-weights comprising of dumbbells and Olympic bars and weights. Standard benchpress, incline + decline benches, smith machine, squat racks and Olympic platforms are present. Leg extension (quadriceps and hamstrings), dip bars, hyper extension, lat pull down, seated row, preacher station and much more are also available, as well as a cardiovascular area including treadmills, bikes and rowing machines (ergo).


Includes unlimited access to cardio & weights of both gyms, change room and locker facilities.


Gym Operating Hours:


Monday - 9.00am - 9.00pm

Tuesday - 9.00am - 9.00pm

Wednesday - 9.00am - 9.00pm

Thursday - 9.00am - 9.00pm

Friday - 9.00am - 9.00pm

Saturday - 9.00am - 1.00pm

Sunday -CLOSED


For further details, or to make a booking, please contact the Launceston PCYC on 6344 8411, or see reception at the PCYC, Corner of Abbott and Wentworth Street.




Olympic Weightlifting


In addition to the Weights gym (see above), the Launceston PCYC conducts sessions for this activity in a purpose build facility,

seperate to the main weights gym.


The Launceston PCYC gym offers its members a place to get flexible, fast and strong. It offers a great place to excercise in the company of other like minded athletes in comfort, while making new friends.


The gym has produced a host of state, national and international medal winners since 2005, and Jenna Myers was the first Tasmanian girl to participate at a Commonwealth Games in 2010. In May 2011, Tiarna Davis (at just 12 years of age - the youngest female athlete selected in a national team) attended the Oceania Weightlifting Championships in Darwin with her sister Nakieta and club mate Sophie Cowen. Tiarna won two gold medals, with Nakieta and Sophie winning one each.  


Mark Brown is our instructor and he is here to help you with all your training needs and is available at the following times:-


Mondays - 5.00 to 7.30 pm.

Tuesdays - 5.00 to 7.00 pm.

Wednesdays - 5.00 to 7.30 pm.

Saturdays - 10.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Out of session times are also available by appointment.


This gym is an affiliate club with Weightlifting Tasmania Inc. and there are opportunities to get involved with our regular competitions  that are held in Hobart and Launceston throughout the year.






The Launceston PCYC Trampoline Sports program currently caters for 130 athletes from the greater Launceston area and employs three fully qualified and three trainee coaches. The program consists mainly of a levels based program centring on competitive athletes.


There are many different classes operating within the Trampoline Sports area catering for athletes of a diverse range of abilities:




The one hour per week bouncers class is designed for beginner athletes from the age of 5 up. A core element of this class is basic trampoline safety applicable to the backyard tramp. Parents if you’re worried about your child on the backyard tramp then this is the class for you! Key elements of safety looked at in this class are:


Basic stopping techniques,

Spatial and aerial awareness, &

Correct mount and dismount technique,


Through this class athletes become competent and capable users of trampolines.




The beginners program is for those athletes who achieve have achieved good spatial and aerial awareness and would like to progress to competitive trampoline sports. Level 1 athletes have two opportunities throughout the year to compete in Gymnastics Tasmania run competitions as well as numerous Launceston PCYC testing sessions. Basic skills athletes learn how to control in the beginners class are:


Front Drops,

Back Drops,

Seat Drops,

& Dive Rolls,


The Beginners class runs for one hour per week.




Following the levels scheme the juniors class is designed for level 2 athletes and provides two opportunities for competition through out the year. Athlete’s focus on combinations of skills on the trampoline and double mini trampoline and begin to learn the aerial awareness necessary for basic front and back somersaults.


The juniors class runs for one and a quarter hours once a week.




Intermediates train for one and three quarter hours once a week and are working at level 3 and 4 competitively. Athletes have 4 opportunities to compete throughout the year. It is during their time in intermediates that athletes master basic front and back somersaulting skills.


Lower Seniors


Level 4 - 6 athletes participate in the lower seniors program and compete regularly throughout the year. Opportunity is given to athletes to compete interstate depending upon previous competition results. This class trains in two hour sessions twice a week and currently boasts a number of level 4 - 6 state champions.


Upper Seniors


Level 5 - 7 athletes who are competing strongly in their age and level divisions are eligible for the upper seniors class. These athletes train for 5 hours a week in two two and a half hour sessions. Once a week these athletes also have access to the international standard Euro Trampoline. Currently the majority of athletes in this class have positions in numerous state identification squads and are invited to compete interstate on average twice a year.




The pinnacle of Launceston PCYC trampoline sports this class caters for elite athletes working at or above level 7. Athletes train for 7 hours per week and have access to the international standard Euro Trampoline. Currently this class boasts a member of the 2005 Australian Team, two national champions and four 2005 national first placings as well as other national finalists.


Display Day


Each year in third term the Launceston PCYC Trampoline Sports program showcases the work of the year in a fun filled display day. In 2005 the display day was titled Blockbuster and featured hit songs from well known movies. 2005 saw over 100 athletes participating in the non-competitive display day.


Perpetual Awards


2005 sees the introduction of four perpetual trophies for Trampoline Sports athletes. These trophies are a way to honour the outstanding work that goes on in the club over the year. The perpetual trophies are awarded for:


Most Improved Athlete,

Most Promising Athlete,

Most Consistent Athlete, &

Club Champion,




The Launceston PCYC Trampoline Sports program utilise a range of exciting equipment in the teaching of trampoline sports and are constantly fundraising towards the purchase and upgrade of new equipment. Currently the club uses:


2 in ground Action tramps,

1 Euro trampoline,

1 Euro double mini tramp, &

1 Action double mini tramp,


Our up to date equipment allows the club to host a number of Gymnastics Tasmania run events each year including State Championships, State Trainings, Coaching Courses and Clinics and Judges workshops.


Coaching Staff


For the children who wish to further develop their skills and move into the competitive side of gymnastics.


Coordinator: Leigh Oswin Asst State Coach 2002 - 05

Senior Coach: Jo Penny State Team Manager/Coach 2002 - 05

Senior Coach: Carrie Wilkinson Asst Tas Coach 2003 & 2005


Junior Coach: Jack Penny 2005 Australian Worlds Team athlete

2005 Elite & Under 17 Mens Synchro Champion

2005 Under 17 Mens Double Mini Champion


Junior Coach: James Buckingham 2005 17+ Mens Synchro Champion

Junior Coach: Anita Quin


Interstate Representation


Launceston athletes have represented Tasmania or Australia at the following international competitions:


New Zealand National Championships 2003, 2005 Auckland

Indo Pacific Championships 2004 Vancouver Canada

World Age Championships 2005 Eindenhoven Netherlands


In 2006 we have a number of athletes trialling for selection into the Australian team for the Indo Pacific Championships to be held in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.




For further information or to book your child in for trampoline sports please contact Jo Penny at the PCYC on


03 6344 2411 or come in and see us at the club at:


148 Abbott Street, (cnr Wentworth & Abbott)

Newstead TAS 7250




Youth Theatre


The Youth Theatre program is conducted by local theatre director Danny Gibson.


PCYC’s Youth Theatre program allows students aged between 5 and 16 the chance to learn valuable theatre skills in a fun, interactive and confidence-building environment.  The annual major musical is complemented by additional performance opportunities throughout the year.  


In these classes, students cover all areas of spoken skill development and performance work.  Students are involved in a variety of practical tasks, including language, improvisation and scripted drama.


Express dramatic ideas and learn dramatic skills.


Convey thoughts and feelings through improvisations;


Build role-playing skills;


Work within a group to present a short scene that incorporates expressive movement;


Use the voice to establish a character;


Understand basic acting terminology;


Build confidence on and off the stage;


Learn to communicate effectively by utilising non-verbal activities such as mime;


Establish a credible and/or believable character that conveys a degree of mood and meaning.


Prepare, rehearse and present a range of activities within a given time frame.


Work to set deadlines;


Use time effectively;


Organise and retain written scripts and/or other materials;


Be punctual and prepared;


Rehearse or prepare work outside class time;


Demonstrate commitment when undertaking activities within a given time frame.


Grasp dramatic techniques and terminology.


Understand basic stage directions and positions on stage;


Learn the importance of lighting in establishing mood, atmosphere and time and place;


Recognise different styles of delivery such as melodramatic acting;


Understand Drama terminology.


Learn, memorise and recall a variety of drama exercises and information.


Put to memory theoretical knowledge learnt in class;


Memorise a monologue and present short scenes rehearsed in class;


Learn lines.


Classes are conducted weekly, with additional sessions required whilst a production is being rehearsed.  New enrolments are always welcome; though, due to class sizes being capped at 25, places do fill quickly.  Session times can be obtained by contacting the Launceston PCYC on 6344 2411.





Birthday Parties


Launceston PCYC has the facilities and staff to assist with your child's next birthday party.

Take the worry out of your child’s next birthday party by booking the PCYC’s party facilities Facilities include a kitchenette, two in ground trampolines, rope climbing slide-into-foam-pit and a separate room for food and presents etc. Parties are held as 90 minute sessions with 30 minutes between parties to allow for setting and packing up. A PCYC instructor is present at all times for safety and supervision. Parents are encouraged to organise any other suitable party games and are required to fill out a booking form prior to the party date.


Cost is $8.00 per child, with minimum of ten children needed to make a booking.


Parties are held on Saturdays at the following times:


10.00am to 11.30am


12.00pm to 1.30pm


2.00pm to 3.30pm


Contact the Launceston PCYC on 6344 2411 to book your party






Taiko Drumming


The Launceston PCYC now offers Taiko (Japanese) Drumming classes. This form of percussion involves both power and grace and is great for coordination, focus, team work and gives the brain a fantastic “two sided’ workout.








The Launceston PCYC now offers Taiko (Japanese) Drumming classes. This form of percussion involves both power and grace and is great for coordination, focus, team work and gives the brain a fantastic two sided workout.


Taiko Drumming is a centuries old practice used in Japanese festivals and pageants.  Its modern form was created by Diahachi Oguchi, a Taiko grand master, who brought it into today's world with a whole new meaning and style.  


It is now practiced all over the world by all walks of life and is very dynamic to watch and listen to. TaikOz (from Sydney) is Australia's premier Taiko drumming ensemble and they make regular trips to perform here in Tasmania.


Taiko Classes Currently On Offer At The Launceston PCYC:


'Beginners' (all ages - suggest over 6) with Mark.


When?  Tuesday nights, from 7pm to 8.30pm.


Show Taiks with Mark (& Yyan when available).


When?  Friday nights, from 7pm to 8.30pm.


Cost: $3.50 member, $7.00 non member.

Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable but loose clothing.


Did You Know?


In Japan, there are currently over 10,000 Taiko groups, both amateur and professional.  In North America, there are close to 500 groups.  In the U.K. however, there are less than 5 groups.


Currently, the largest Odaiko (Big Drum) in the World is made by Asano Taiko (in Japan) and measures 8 shaku 9 sun (267 centimetres) in diameter at the head and weighs over 900 kilograms.


The world record for most Taiko players performing together was over 2,000 players at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano Prefecture.


Ondekoza made it's way into the Guiness Book of World Records when members ran the full perimeter of the 48 main states of the U.S. in three years from 1990 - 1993, sometimes averaging 20km per day.




Outside School Hours Care


The Launceston PCYC's Outside School Hours Care program provides care for Primary School aged children (5-12).  We offer After School Care, Vacation Care and selected Student Free Days.


PCYC Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)


The Launceston Police & Citizens Youth Club Outside School Hours Care program provides care for Primary School aged children (5-12).  We offer After School Care, Vacation Care and selected Student Free Days.  


The PCYC is a community based Club that believes:-


All children will be treated as the individuals that they are.


All families are unique and that will be respected.


All children need a safe and secure environment in which to play, learn and develop, and we strive to provide such an environment.


 Children need to learn at their own pace to reach their full potential.


PCYC Staff will act as appropriate and positive Role Models for the children.


 Play is one of the most important elements in a child's day and so we provide opportunities for children to initiate and participate in a range of planned and spontaneous recreational activities.


 The daily program is based on the developmental needs and interests of our children and parents.




After School Care     3:00pm -6:00pm  Weekdays


Vacation Care           8:00am-6:00pm  Weekdays


Student Free Days    8:00am-6:00pm  Weekdays


The OSHC does not open on Public Holidays.




After School Care (3pm - 6pm)


includes a variety of recreational pursuits, including cooking, multi media activities, art and craft and a wide range of sporting activities including Active After-school Communities Programs.  We also provide quieter areas where children can complete homework, read or just have some quiet time.


ASC has access to the basketball court every day and the Trampoline room two days a week.  We also play outside when the weather permits.  Children need to have suitable clothing to join in (Hat in summer, Jumper in winter).


The PCYC also offer classes in Gymnastics, Trampolining, Youth Theatre and Martial Arts during the After School Care session.  These activities need to be booked separately to ASC, at the Main Office.  Activities are dependent on class sizes and require a term fee.


Vacation Care (8am - 6pm)


includes a range of Activities, Theme Days and Excursions.  A program of activities is available four weeks prior to vacation periods. Book early to avoid disappointment, as places fill quickly. The Club offers VC for all the schools in the community, so parents need to be aware of their own school terms.


"2011/2012 Summer School Holiday Program" is now available here.


To enrol in Vacation Care, please print, read and fill out the OSHC Enrolment form , PCYC Membership form and Conditions of Care and Booking form before coming to the club to make the booking.


Student Free Days (8am - 6pm) (Subject to numbers)


provides care with Activities and Limited Excursions.  Please advise Club of up coming SFD well in advance if requiring care, to see if care is possible.




The ASC and VC places available within the PCYC Out of School Hours Care are open to all primary aged children (5-12 years) throughout Launceston and the surrounding communities.


We pick up/escort children for ASC from the following schools:


East Launceston, Punchbowl, St Thomas More.


On wet weather days we arrange wet weather transport,


PCYC OSHC can organise a Taxi from any school provided Parents /Guardians are prepared to pay these costs. The cost of taxis is shared by families using the service and will be added onto their fortnightly accounts.  In the interest of fairness where a permanent booking exists, cost of the taxi will continue to be added regardless of Absences.  Taxis do not run to all schools on all days, contact the office for more information:


Glen Dhu, The Launceston Preparatory School, Summerdale


The Club bus collects from the Sacred Heart.  There is a charge of $1.70 per trip for this service.


Parents can arrange their own transport for children to the ASC.


Any child may attend the Vacation Care Program.  Parents need to organise transport to and from the PCYC on Vacation and Student Free Days.  




PCYC OSHC is a licensed and accredited facility and as such is eligible for government funding (Childcare Benefits).  In order to receive CCB you need to contact Centrelink on 1361 50 and link your child to the appropriate service by quoting our Provider Numbers.


ASC, Per session: $17.50 per child


(Childcare Benefits are available for eligible families)


Allowable Absence Fee: $17.50 per child


This rate will be charged when notification occurs within 7 Days and prior to 2.30pm on the day of care.  (Childcare Benefits do apply to this fee for the first 30 absences per financial year)


Cancellation Fee: $17.50 per child


This rate will apply when there is no notification of cancellation, notification occurs after 2.30pm or the Club needs to contact Parents about their children’s whereabouts.  (There are NO benefits available to this fee)


VC/Student Free Days


Per session: $46.00 per child


(Childcare Benefits are available for eligible families)


Allowable Absence Fee: $46.00 per child


This rate will be charged when notification occurs within 7 Days and prior to 9am on the day of care.  (Childcare Benefits do apply to this fee for the first 30 absences per financial year)


Absence/Cancellation Fee: $46.00


This rate will apply when there is no notification of cancellation or notification occurs after 9am.  (There are NO benefits available to this fee)


There is a $5 Administration Fee for changes to Vacation Care bookings.  If a VAC Care place can be filled you will only be charged the Administration Fee.  There are no guarantees that places can be filled regardless of Waiting Lists.


Feel free to come in to meet the Outside School Hours

Care Staff and have a look around.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone

the friendly staff at the Launceston PCYC


on 63442411 or by fax: 6344 7134




Mobile Activity Centre


The Launceston PCYC can offer a wide range of recreational activities with its Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) trailer. The trailer is loaded up with all sorts of sporting equipment and recreational gear that can be used for a wide range of activities, primarily for young people, or even the “young at heart”.


The Launceston PCYC can offer a wide range of recreational activities with its Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) trailer.


The trailer is loaded up with all sorts of sporting equipment and recreational gear that can be used for a wide range of activities, primarily for young people, or even the young at heart.


We can now also include Taiko (Japanese) drumming in our range of activities! It's great for all-round focus and coordination!


Our program can offer not only a regular opportunity to get active and stay healthy, but also to develop or enhance skills in one or a number of areas.


The program operates in a safe and fun filled environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate individually, or in small teams.


We can bring the MAC trailer to your school, community event, club, work windup or even your birthday party, to keep your kids active and happy.


That makes the MAC program the ideal recreational facility for your particular situation.


The PCYC Mobile Activity Centre (MAC) can offer the following range of activities:-


Football  skills development (kicking, marking, bouncing etc), actual games on a smaller field with cone goal markers, usually about 6-8 a side.


Soccer Small net goals, similar game style to football.


Basketball Small 5-6 a side or full court games, with the use of pre-existing or our mobile goals, which can be pre-set at lower or higher height levels.


Hula hoops General skills development-solo or teams.


Skipping ropes  Ropes-all sizes, looking at improving the participants skill level each time, with single or multiple ropes (criss-crossed, double-dutch etc).


Frisbees and knuckle balls  General control, throwing and catching skills, rebounding, team games, targets etc.


Stilts Various sizes and heights, challenging for those who may have a fear of heights.


Cricket  All aspects of skills development (catching, batting, bowling, fielding).


Puck and/or ball hockey Plastic sticks, soft balls or plastic pucks, indoor or outdoor courts use.


Toddler rolling tunnel and parachute  For the younger ones, assists to overcome fear of confined spaces.


Totem tennis Hand eye skills development, all ages.


Toddler hop scotch For the younger ones, they can assemble foam pieces in jig saw formation, then use the completed formation for hop scotch games.


Bean Bags Used for the development of hand eye skills and team games.


Tennis Can be used for court and net skills development, either as individuals or in team situations.


Bats and ball scoops For the development of hand eye and ball passing skills.


All Of These Activities Can Be Varied To Suit

A Variety Of Needs For Any Group


Did You Know?


That in addition to community or private bookings, the MAC trailer currently operates free of charge on a regular basis at the following locations:


Weekly, on Mondays, at the Zion's Hill Church,Ravenswood, between 3.00pm to 4.30pm and is run in conjunction with the Ravenswood Neighbourhood Centre. The City Mission Van provides free food and refreshments here.


At the Torrens Street Reserve, Mayfield on the first and third Thursdays between 3.00pm and 4.30pm. City Mission provides free food and drinks here too.


 On the second and fourth Thursday afternoons (alternate to Mayfield) at the George Town Neighbourhood Centre  between 3.30pm and 5.00pm.


Fortnightly on Friday afternoons at the Evandale Memorial Hall, between 3.30pm and 5.00pm.


Fortnightly (alternate Friday afternoons to Evandale) at the Hadspen Recreational Ground, between 3.45pm and 5.15pm.


Fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons at the Waverley Lake Park between 3.00-4.15 pm. The City Mission Van also operates here.


Fortnightly (alternate Wednesday afternoons to Waverley) at the " Lilea Pad" Childcare Centre, Rocherlea, between 3.00-4.15 pm and is run in conjunction with the Northern Suburbs Community Centre. The City Mission Van also operates here.


Weekly on Thursday evenings at the Perth Memorial Hall from 6.30-8.30 pm.  

Please check with PCYC staff for times during school holiday breaks.


For more information, or to make a MAC booking,

please contact the friendly staff at


the Launceston PCYC


on 6344 2411 or by fax: 6344 7134


or email pcyc@bigpond.net.au